I am very excited about this new website and look forward to sharing my music, thoughts and experiences with you. If you love music as much as I do then there is already a connection between us. Music really is the universal language. I believe there is something here for you.

As you will see from these pages I have dedicated my life to the study of music in all forms. My students continue to amaze me with their creativity and dedication. I learn so much from them about the power of music and how it affects lives. I continue to stay creative by taking on new projects and encouraging others to do so.

Why not set musical goals for yourself by deciding to take piano lessons (at ANY age), expanding your CD collection or exploring some type of unfamiliar music? These are just a few examples of personal projects that can have a life changing effect on you. I encourage you to make music a more important part of your life.

Most musicians agree that a career in music can be challenging. But what an incredible journey this has been and what amazing people I have met. To know that I have touched someone in a positive way with my music or my teaching is extremely rewarding. At these moments it is all worth it.

So I hope you will join me in this quest to more fully experience the power of music and self-expression. It would be great to hear from you or even meet you sometime along the way. Remember we are in this together. Let’s have some fun!

© 2007 Nick Busheff
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