“Elton John inspired pianist and composer Nick Busheff knows a thing or two about showmanship.  He entertains to packed houses and is poised to take it to the next level before we have to say, “we knew him when.”                                                                                  Chis Loffenmeyer,  DPL Weekend Music Series

“Nick Busheff’s score is off the charts.  A symphony played by one.  He combines classical structure and form with complete dissonance.  Think opera meets Tom Waits.”                   Nancy Stohlman, interview with Westword Magazine about the Monster Opera

“In this melodramatically accomplished delightful mashup, Busheff’s score is a masterwork of haunting tunes and unnerving atmospherics that amplify the unfolding horrors.  The operatic riffs are compelling and in some cases intentionally hilarious.”       Bob Bows, ColoradoDrama.Com about the Monster Opera

“A fantastic entertainment experience”.  — Sally Reno, KGNU radio

“He’s got wizard fingers.”  –Nate Jordan, Monkey Puzzle Press

“Wonderful music. Beautifully played.”   –Dudley Moore, Tony and Grammy award-winning actor/musician

“I liked your music for our film better than Sara McLachlin’s.”  Mick Mapelli  CEO of ‘Priority Pictures’

“These are definitely hit songs.”  Anne Achenbach, back-up singer for John Denver, Della Reese and  Kenny Loggins

“What a talent”.  Kent Rautenstraus, pianist/entertainer for President Bill Clinton and Prince Philip

“You rock!”   — David Lanz (Grammy-nominated pianist)

“Good work. You saved me”.   Freebo, guitarist for Crosby, Stills and Nash

“A privilege to hear.  Beautiful, arresting playing…very impressive.  You deserve a fine career”. Sylvia Bagley, Juilliard teacher and friend of Rachmaninoff

“With great respect and admiration for your talent”.  Larry Graham, concert pianist, International competition winner